May 29, 2016

it is decidedly so

Something I've come to recognize over and over while writing this book is that simplicity is crucial. I've deleted scenes, characters, cut the crap out of dialogue and restructured the entire novel a hundred times, but only recently did I see the real problem. My plotlines. When plotlines get in the way, the main plot gets lost and all these other storylines become cloudy roads leading straight to confusion. Mine were either too complicated or they were excessive to the novel in general. They were muddling the story instead of enriching it, so they had to either be pared down or deleted.
This wasn't apparent to me at first, yet there was a part of me that knew they were getting in the way. So why did I hang onto them for so long? Let me tell you, it's really difficult to admit that something as huge as a plotline is worthless. All that work that went into it, all that time? Wasted! Except that it isn't. Time spent writing is never wasted. Coming to understand the overall vision by incorporating (and deleting) convoluted plotlines adds to my writing experience. Seeing the book in a compact, clear little package instead of a complex, disorienting one has changed my outlook on the novel structure as a whole. 
One plotline in particular has been the impetus for the entire series. I saw its need for removal one day in a writing epiphany. As soon as I realized this can be moved to a sequel, it made so much sense. Streamlining, disassembling and rearranging plotlines or deleting them altogether has given my entire novel new life. It's like the novel can breathe now. Now, hopefully, so can my characters. 

When I asked the 8 ball if my novel would be a bestseller, this was its answer. hahaha!!

xo Kira