Jul 15, 2014

Jul 14, 2014

making art, oh how I miss you

I haven't been drawing or taking pictures or lumping clay at all lately. If I really want to finish this book, it's just going to have to go on the back burner. I do miss it and I'll probably churn something up soon simply because there's a need, but really. The book is all I care about right now. Here are some drawings and sketches I did a few weeks ago.

Jul 13, 2014

the little world of writing

Wow. So it's been about five months since I wrote here. I really enjoy journaling online and came to realize how much I missed it. Recently I found a blog that inspired me to do so again, ohdeardrea. Ever heard of her? 
As I mentioned before, I'm writing a young adult novel. I finished the first draft a few months ago and now I'm working on the structure - plot points, pinch points, etc. Looking at it in this way makes me realize where all my holes and weak points are. It's actually really exciting to look at it this way because it makes it seem as if I'm closer to finishing. Now I don't look at my story as if it's just one big drawn out string of events with too many characters and too much going on (which it is), but instead makes it seem manageable, so that I can fight the chaos.

And on a completely different note, the World Cup is today! I love, love, love the World Cup. My love and I are going over a friend's house to watch it and enjoy delicious craft beer. We're so spoiled living here in San Diego - especially if you're a beer lover. We're surrounded by craft breweries and being that San Diego is the leader in craft beer making (especially IPAs), it's like we're in the middle of France during their wine renaissance. No, really. It's pretty amazing. So all of us are bringing a growler from a local brewery. Spoiled, I tell you. Spoiled.