Nov 15, 2013

in the fever of november

Here are a couple of works in progress and a finished piece I recently did. I've been meaning to experiment with cut paper for ages and I'm excited to finally have started a piece!
I've recently begun a feverish frenzy of drawing because I'm determined to have a portfolio I'm proud of by the end of the year. I'm one of those people who shuns New Year goals because I am constantly revisiting them throughout the year. It seems like whenever the new year rolls around, I've just made all my resolutions and so there's no need. But today was sort of a no good, very bad day for drawing. I know every artist experiences this, but it doesn't make it any prettier. Usually faces don't give me any problems, but today it was erase, re-draw, erase, re-draw, erase, re-draw, and it was so frustrating that a simple, tiny little face kept giving me such hell! Then, I went to put the girl to ink and I screwed it up within seconds! So, onto me feeling worthless as a person, as an artist and asking myself - what the hell am I doing? What is the point of all this?? I know, of course, what the point is - art makes me happy, it's that simple. But also, it makes other people happy. And that's all I really want to do. Whether it's with what I write, film or draw, I just want to bring a sort of light into the world. I know how I feel when I look at someone else's art that moves me and all I want is to be able to do the same.