Sep 5, 2013

new pendants

Because I’m moving in TWO DAYS, I haven't had time for blogging.... however, I did find some time to make and fire a couple of silver pendants. I’m using silver clay, which is just that: clay made up of silver. You can form and build objects, kneading and such, just as if it were real clay. Then, when it's fired, it becomes pure silver (unlike sterling which has copper in it). 
The one on the right is a lotus flower, the other is a solar eclipse. Both have symbolic meaning that has to do with change, growth, rebirth, and transformation. I wanted to give them the look of old coins excavated from an archaeological site or somehow old, handcrafted and imperfect. I find more beauty in imperfections and flaws than I do exactness and precision. They will appear in my shop after I get settled in. Enjoy!