Aug 22, 2013

day in the life

This set of photos was from a roll of film I had in my camera for ages. When I went to develop, it fought me every step of the way, falling on the floor a couple of times as well, which is why they're so dirty. I need to actually wash them again to make them look 'normal'. Gives 'em character, anyway.
xoxo~Kira ♥

Aug 17, 2013

abstract vase

I made this vase a few months ago and I really love the way it came out. It’s in my shop now waiting for someone to take this little beauty home! I hand built it with white stoneware, painted it with underglazes, then gave it a clear glaze. It's functional and can be used as a vase, but it's also gorgeous on its own. Hope youlike!
xoxo ~Kira 

Aug 14, 2013

chimerical jars

Tiny chimerical jars for sale in my shop! These are made with B-mix (white clay that has quite a bit of porcelain in it). But notice the color isn't white, it's more of an buttery cream color. Both of these are hand built and carved with sgrafitto technique, underglazed and brushed lightly with a clear glaze.

Aug 8, 2013

blur in my reality

A series of photos taken circa 2012. As I wrote earlier, I'll be moving soon... Does anyone else obsess over decorating and furniture placement? hahaha, I already know the answer to that!
xo Kira

Aug 3, 2013


Nila, a few outtakes I didn't use for my series. 
And while this has nothing to do with it, I must give a happy birthday to one of my dearest friends who passed away last year. I will write a blog post about her, because she was one of my favorite people ever.