Jul 26, 2013

Nila in color

These photos are an outtake of a series I did about a girl, Nila. It's sort of a day in the life... I thought I would mix color with black and white, using color to describe certain moods, but I found I liked the black and white better all by itself. So the final series is all black and white, done in the darkroom. I haven't actually scanned any of those negatives except as a contact sheet which is at a low res and all filled with dust marks. You can see some of them on my flickr  and tumblr.

Jul 23, 2013

change of scenery

Here are some Instax pictures. hmm, maybe next time I'll use my good scanner...These pictures actually aren't very new, but I've decided to start archiving my photos. This also isn't my first blog. I started one about a hundred years ago, ditched it, then started another and ditched that (sort of). The second one was an accidental ditch, but no es importante. The important thing IS that I'm starting fresh! I have so many photos I want to share, so many thoughts, so many experiences, that I want to do it diary-like in this lovely atmosphere of blogging. I had been (still am) using Tumblr, but that site is a bit strange and...well, strange. I didn't feel comfortable writing anything there, I just sort of posted images, looked around and left. I do the same thing on Facebook - I'm just not a natural at social networking, I guess. (Which is funny, because I'm so gregarious and charming in person! hahahaaha!!)
Anyway, here I am again and this time I'm going to stay.Anyone who followed me before or who knows me at all knows I'm writing a book - a young adult novel. Well, I've finished it, for the THIRD time (all of them completely different books, yet with the same concept and protagonist). And now, once again, I am in editing mode which is tedious, but OH so needed!! So now I have started a sweet, new blog filled with all sorts of goodies. I'm especially excited about this because I'm going to be moving soon - after six years of being in the same place - and I'm so delighted for this change! I'm in the middle of purging my belongings which feels strangely wonderful. And you know what's weird? I actually like moving. When I was a child, I stayed in the same house all my life until I moved out at 18. I was actually jealous of kids who moved around a lot! Now I realize how silly that is, how lucky I was... but I still like moving. It's all about a change of scenery.

Jul 22, 2013


Part of my anonymity series taken on 4x5 film with a view camera...more to come!